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A combination of glass and anti-impact foil providing effective protection for your screen.

Have you ever damaged your phone’s screen?

There’s nothing worse than seeing a cracked or shattered screen after a fall. In such situations, you regret that you did not have adequate protection.

That is why we present IMPACT GLASS – the first and only product of this type on the market that combines the advantages of hybrid glass and anti-impact foil.

Now you can forget about unnecessary stress related to the possibility of damaging the screen. IMPACT GLASS guarantees full protection of your device.

Don’t wait! Join thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased IMPACT GLASS and enjoy safety and peace of mind when using electronic devices on a daily basis. Order now and see for yourself why IMPACT GLASS is the best choice for you and your screen.

The most important advantages of IMPACT GLASS over other protective materials:

  • Unique structure – IMPACT GLASS combines the advantages of hybrid glass and anti-impact foil, providing unrivaled screen protection.
  • Impact resistance – it is extremely resistant to impacts, falls, scratches and other damage, which makes your screen safe and secured.
  • Easy installation – Thanks to special assembly technology, it is easy to install and does not require specialized tools or skills.
  • A high-quality product that has been carefully designed and manufactured from the best materials.
easy to clean
perfect for flat screens
scratch resistance 8H/7Mohs
easy assembly

A new quality on the smartphone protection market.

If you are looking for a revolutionary solution that will protect your smartphone against damage, IMPACT GLASS is the product for you!

It is a modern hybrid of glass and anti-impact foil that has changed the market game in the field of smartphone screen protection.

IMPACT GLASS is not only a revolutionary technology, but also easy to use.

Is there anything more irritating than scratches on your smartphone screen?

That’s why it’s worth investing in screen protection that will provide it with maximum scratch resistance.

That’s why we present our product that offers incredible scratch resistance – IMPACT GLASS.

This is a technology that gives your screen incredible resistance to 8H/7 Mohs. scratches

What is 8H/7 Mohs? It is a hardness scale used in industry that measures the scratch resistance of a surface. On this scale, IMPACT GLASS has a score of 8H/7 Mohs, which means it can withstand most daily activities without the risk of damage.

This means that your screen is much less susceptible to scratches and damage, and you can enjoy it longer and without worries.

Long-lasting protection

IMPACT GLASS is resistant to scratches and other damage, so it stays in good condition longer and protects your screen from damage

The material does not crumble or crack, as in the case of tempered glass, so you can enjoy protection for a longer time.

Secure and durable adhesion to the screen?

Thanks to the unique technology, IMPACT GLASS adheres perfectly to the screen of your smartphone, remaining on it for a long time. It eliminates the problem of air bubbles, ensuring a secure and durable adhesion to the screen.

Why is this so important?

Because your smartphone’s screen protection should be durable and reliable. The product guarantees that it adheres to the screen securely, and after using it, you don’t have to worry about it peeling off within a few days.

Protecting your smartphone’s screen is an investment in its durability and performance, and IMPACT GLASS is able to offer solid protection.

mpact glass

Some protection against breakage

Thanks to IMPACT GLASS, you can rest easy knowing that your screen is fully protected. This protective glass provides extremely effective protection against screen shattering.

Unbelievable? We have carried out tests* to prove the effectiveness of IMPACT GLASS. We dropped a 400-gram weight onto the device’s screen from a height of 2 meters, and the IMPACT GLASS protection fully protected the screen. There were no cracks or damage.

*test conducted in laboratory conditions on iPhone models …………

System for easy installation

EasyApp® PLUG Easy and precise application thanks to the positioning USB plug. Available with select MyScreen products available for Android and Apple devices.

Instructions (assembly)