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Protect your eyes from “bad” blue light with ANTI BLUE SHIELD

Protect your eyes from blue light

If you spend most of your time in front of a screen, you must know that it is a serious threat to your health.

Blue light emitted by electronic device screens can cause a number of ailments, such as dry and tired eyes, headaches and sleep disorders.
Therefore, protect your screen with the HYBRID GLASS ANTI BLUE protective foil.

blue light filter
the most transparent
3H/7Mohs scratch resistance
easy assembly

Oleophobic coating

It protects your foil against grease, dust and dirt, ensuring its long-lasting cleanliness.

Additionally, thanks to a special manufacturing procedure, the HYBRID GLASS ANTI BLUE foil is characterized by high material hardness of 8H, which means that it is exceptionally durable.

Your foil protects the tap against scratches and impacts, which will ensure the long life of the screen.

Adhesive layer

guarantees durable and safe adhesion of the foil to the screen of your device. Thanks to this layer, the foil is easy to apply and does not create bubbles on the screen surface.

Good transparency

HYBRID GLASS ANTI BLUE not only provides effective protection for your screen, but also its elegant appearance.
The multi-layer structure and special manufacturing procedure guarantee complete transparency of the foil, thanks to which the screen of your device will remain bright and clear, without unnecessary reflections or discoloration.

Take care of your eyes and body, invest in a protective foil that will protect your screen against the harmful effects of blue light, scratches, dust and dirt, and at the same time provide it with an elegant look and lasting protection.

System for easy installation

EasyApp®KIT TM to łatwe i precyzyjne nakładanie dzięki pozycjonującej wtyczce USB.

Rozwiązanie dostępne z wybranymi produktami MyScreen dostępnymi dla urządzeń z Androidem
i Apple.

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