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Tempered glass that effectively protects the screen of your device against curious glances from the side.

Your privacy is protected!

In the world of Diamond Glass Anti Spy – innovative protection for your smartphone!

A special coating provides protection against prying eyes and allows you to maintain privacy when using the device in public places. Use your device safely without worrying that someone else will be able to see what’s displayed on your screen.

Useful when being in a crowd, bus, subway, plane

privacy filter
perfect for flat screens
scratch resistance 9H/8Mohs
easy assembly

Is it just ANTI SPY?

Absolutely not!

Our product also protects your screen against shattering and scratching, so you can enjoy safety and peace of mind.

9H hardness means our coating is extremely scratch-resistant,
this is because on the Mohs scale, a hardness of 9 corresponds to the hardness of a diamond – that’s why we call it Diamond Glass.

For what screens?

Our product is suitable for flat screens, so it fits most popular smartphones and tablet models on the market.

Install Diamond Glass Anti Spy on your device and feel safe knowing that your screen is fully protected against all threats.

System for easy installation

EasyApp® KIT TM  is an easy-to-use system that makes installation easier.

Thanks to it, you can mount the glass on the screen efficiently and precisely.

The set includes

  • 1 piece of DIAMOND GLASS ANTI SPY tempered glass
  • wet cloth
  • dry cloth
  • EasyApp®KITTM
  • installation kit

  • multilingual manual

Installation instructions