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Shatterproof hybrid glass to protect curved screens

Protect your smartwatch every day!

Hybrid Glass Edge 3D is the perfect solution
for smartwatch owners who want to take care of themselves
to protect your device.

It is worth noting that Hybrid Glass Edge 3D offers much greater protection than standard screens.

Thanks to its design and material properties, it protects the smartwatch against breakage
and scratching, which increases its durability
and extends its service life.

does not crumble
protection of rounded edges
scratch resistance 8H/7Mohs
easy assembly

The hardness of the glass is 6H

Screen hardness is a measure of resistance to scratches and mechanical damage. It determines how hard the material used to produce the screen is.

H stands for Mohs hardness, which is a measure of the hardness of minerals. This scale contains 10 degrees of hardness, of which the diamond is marked as the hardest and has a value of 10.

The 6H hardness means that the screen is quite resistant to scratches and damage, but it can be damaged by contact with materials that are harder than itself.

Extremely easy
in assembly

Our product is distinguished primarily by easy installation, which only takes a moment.

Additionally, Hybrid Glass Edge 3D has been designed to be compatible
with most covers available on the market,
which allows for even better protection of the smartwatch.

The set includes:

  • 1 piece of HYBRID GLASS EDGE 3D hybrid glass
  • wet cloth
  • dry cloth
  • applicator
  • multilingual manual