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Protective foil for flat screens with a privacy filter.

Protect your on-screen data privacy

antiSPY SHIELD – a protective foil that effectively covers the screen of your device from prying eyes.

  • cutouts for cameras, sensors, etc.
easy to clean
precise laser cutting
hardness 3H
perfectly transparent

Polarizing filter

Thanks to it, the angle at which the content is visible
on the screen is significantly narrowed down.

PIN numbers, passwords and other secrets will only be visible to you.

AntiSPY SHIELD is perfect for smartphones and tablets, and thanks to proprietary laser cutting technology, it is precisely tailored to the shape of your screen.

Hardness 3H

AntiSPY SHIELD not only protects your privacy, but also the entire flat screen surface of your device against scratches (3H surface hardness), dust and dirt.
Moreover, it is easy to clean and leaves no traces when removed.

Assembly system

EasyApp® KIT™ TMis a set of special stickers that make the installation of glass or foil quick and efficient.

easy app

The set includes

  • 1 piece of ANTI SPY SHIELD foil
  • wet cloth
  • dry cloth
  • EasyApp® KIT™ assembly kit
  • multilingual manual

Installation instructions