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Matte car screen protection

The screen is even more readable

Do you dream of a perfectly clean and safe factory navigation screen in your car without annoying reflections and fingerprints?

Here is a solution that will meet your expectations – ANTI REFLEX SHIELD foil dedicated to car screens!

anti-reflective coating
eliminates fingerprints
scratch resistance
precise laser cutting

Perfect readability

Thanks to the slightly matte ANTI REFLEX SHIELD coating, you can enjoy a clear navigation image without eye strain due to glare and reflections.

You will no longer have to strain your eyes trying to read the navigation map in strong sunlight or while driving at night.

Reliable protection

ANTI REFLEX SHIELD foil protects your screen against scratches and extends the life of the navigation screen. By meeting the ASTM D 3363 standard for surface hardness (3H), you can be sure that your device is properly protected.

Clean screen without fingerprints

The transparent ANTI REFLEX SHIELD coating effectively reduces fingerprints and smudges on the navigation screen. Your screen will always look perfectly clean, and you will be able to touch it freely without fear of unsightly dirt.


Touchscreen compatibility

ANTI REFLEX SHIELD does not affect the operation of the touch screen. You can use navigation without any restrictions by touching and swiping your finger on the screen without losing sensitivity or precision


Durability and quality

The ANTI REFLEX SHIELD foil was made of high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting protection and unchanged performance. Regardless of whether you travel every day or occasionally, ANTI REFLEX SHIELD will serve you for a long time.

See our product in action!

Set contents

  • 1 piece of ANTI REFLEX foil
  • wet cloth
  • dry cloth
  • EasyApp®KIT TM installation kit
  • multilingual manual
antireflex shield car navi