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Diamond Glass

The highest scratch resistance while maintaining the original appearance of the screen is tempered glass

Your mobile devices accompanies you
you every day?

Smartphones and tablets are our constant companions that help us in work, entertainment and contact with loved ones.

You know well that the danger of breaking or scratching the screen is always lurking
around the corner. That’s why it’s worth investing in protecting your smartphone or tablet.

We are pleased to present you our Diamond Glass – the highest quality tempered glass that will provide your device with excellent protection.

easy to clean
perfect for flat screens
scratch resistance 9H/8Mohs
easy assembly

Your smartphone is always safe with 9H hardness

Thanks to our Diamond Glass, your smartphone or tablet will be protected
against breaking and scratching. Our glasses have a hardness of 9H, which means
that they are among the hardest on the market. This is possible thanks to the use of special glass production technology, which provides extremely durable and long-lasting protection.

What does this mean on the Mohs scale?

The hardness of 9H corresponds to the hardness of a diamond, which means that the glass is more resistant
than most materials we encounter every day. This way you don’t have to worry
your screen will get scratched if it accidentally falls or comes into contact with other objects.

diamond glass

Japanese precision

The product is made of Japanese flexible glass, tempered in 3 stages
at a temperature and time that guarantees the achievement of the best possible parameters.

How are our glasses constructed?

Diamond Glass is ideal for use on flat screens of smartphones and tablets.

They consist of four layers:

  • oleophobic coating
  • tempered glass
  • absorbing layer
  • adhesive layer

It is these layers that provide excellent protection for your device.

Easy dirt removal?

Only with a special oleophobic coating that makes it easier to remove dirt from the screen. Thanks to this, your screen will always remain clean and shiny.

System for easy installation

EasyApp® KIT TM  is an easy-to-use system that makes installation easier. Thanks to it, you can mount the glass on the screen efficiently and precisely.

easy app

The set includes

  • 1 piece of DIAMOND DLASS tempered glass
  • wet cloth
  • dry cloth
  • EasyApp®KITTM assembly kit multi-language manual

Installation instructions