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Any photo, graphics or text on the backs
your phone.

Personalized MyScreen foil for the back of your device

Now your device can be even closer to you. Your photo, graphic or any text can always be with you, wherever you are and whatever you do thanks to MyScreen’s stylish protection.

Advantages of MyScreen film

Protects against scratching

The top layer of foil effectively protects the back against scratches.

Protects against breakage

The multi-layer structure makes the back of the device more resistant to impacts.

Perfectly matched

The foil is cut to a specific device model. Thanks to this, it is very well suited to its shape.

Long-lasting effect

The printout is located between the layers of foil, so it will not rub off or scratch. No traces remain after removing the foil

4 layers of stylish protection

A layer protecting against dirt
Self-healing layer
Protective layer
Foil with your imprint

See MyScreen Style in action!

3 simple steps to your own unique protection

Take a photo or choose a graphic

Adjust to the back in the online wizard

Pick up with assembly and pay in store