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Innovative technology combining advanced engineering with unmatched durability.

Unmatched durability

Characterized by unparalleled impact resistance, ensuring your device is safe even under the toughest usage conditions.

Perfect touch tracking
Stylish design
Easy cleaning
Effective protection from crush

Optimal thickness, maximum protection

The application of modern technology has achieved a protective thickness of 0.82 mm (glass 0.55 mm + adhesive 0.27 mm), ensuring the highest level of protection without affecting the design of the device.

Unique design and functionality

A special edge-grinding process gives the protective glass not only a decorative but also a durable character, meeting the daily challenges of using mobile devices.

Diamond-like cuts

Designed with aesthetics in mind, Diamond Glass Ultra stands out with incredible side cuts that resemble the sparkle and precision of diamond cuts, giving a unique character to every screen.

Excellent touch sensitivity

Despite its thickness, Diamond Glass Ultra maintains excellent screen sensitivity, allowing free use of your smartphone’s touch functions.

Hardness comparable to the hardest minerals

Our protective glass has a hardness level of 9H (Mohs scale 8H), providing excellent protection against scratches, protecting the screen under all circumstances.

Oleophobic coating for cleanliness

The exceptional quality of the oleophobic coating protects the screen from fingerprints and facilitates cleaning, keeping it always clean and transparent.

Easy installation, full convenience

The set includes a frame to facilitate the installation of the glass, ensuring quick and hassle-free application to your device’s screen.

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