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These are two foils with two different parameters, to choose from – glossy and matte anti-reflective

The best solution
for the undecided

Do you want to always enjoy the perfect appearance of your smartphone without worrying about scratching the screen?

Or maybe you want to avoid fingerprints
and reflections that make it difficult to use
from the device?

Here’s a solution for you – our two best protective films in one package: CRYSTAL and ANTI REFLEX.

pleasant to the touch
protection even for rounded edges
self-healing of minor scratches
perfectly transparent

CRYSTAL version

It is an ultra-thin, glossy protective film that effectively protects your screen against scratches and at the same time does not affect the image quality.

Thanks to its 3H hardness on the MOHS scale, it is extremely resistant to damage, and at the same time remains extremely thin and practically invisible.


It is a protective foil with a slightly mattesurface that reduces fingerprints and reflections.

Thanks to it, your smartphone will always look perfect and using it will be even more pleasant.

Moreover, the 3H hardness on the MOHS scale guarantees high resistance to damage.

Assembly system

The best thing is that our foils fit perfectly and are very easy to install, thanks to the EASY APP KIT TM system.

Both products work perfectly with Face ID and Touch ID, so you don’t have to worry about problems with the functionality of the device.

easy app

The set includes:

  • 1 piece of CRYSTAL foil
  • 1 piece of ANTI REFLEX foil
  • wet cloth
  • dry cloth
  • EasyApp®KIT TM installation kit
  • multilingual manual