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Perfect impact-absorbing protection

Safe and always ready for action?

ANTI CRASH SHIELD EDGE 3D for smartwatch
is the perfect solution for you!

Our product is characterized by extremely high protection against breakage.

It works perfectly on round and flat screens, so you can be sure
that it is safe in every situation.

protection against damage
for rounded screens
self-healing of minor scratches
perfectly transparent


Self-healing function –
this is another feature of our product,
which will surely interest you.

Minor scratches disappear within 24 hours
so your screen always looks perfect, even if something happens to it.

Moreover, the ease of removing dirt means
that you can always have a clean screen.

The structure of the material from which the ANTI CRASH SHIELD EDGE 3D smartwatch is made allows
effective absorption of impacts, which additionally strengthens the screen during a fall.


The product consists of:

  • oleophobic coating which facilitates cleaning
  • absorbing coating which, thanks to its flexibility, absorbs the impact force
  • adhesive layer

This makes the product exceptionally effective
in screen protection.

Don’t wait and choose ANTI CRASH SHIELD EDGE 3D smartwatch – the best protection for your watch!

Assembly system

WET APP – revolutionary wet application.

  • safe for the device
  • easy to perform in all conditions
  • easy adjustments without corrections.

The set includes:

  • 1 piece of ANTI CRASH SHIELD EDGE 3D foil for Smartwatch
  • wet cloth
  • dry cloth
  • installation gel
  • squeegee
  • silicone bumpers
  • multilingual manual

Installation instructions