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NEW! We offer protective glass and foils for car screens and navigation systems. Check!
car navi


Excellent shock absorbing protection

Cover Glass

Tempered glass with a hardness of 9H for rear cameras
Camera Cover Glass


Increases screen resistance by 100%.
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impact glass
impact glass
Who we are

MyScreen means freedom to use your phone safely wherever you are, whatever you do.

MyScreen is a durable, comfortable solution that provides effective protection for your device even in extreme conditions, without the risk of breakage, damage or contamination. Discover MyScreen and enjoy life to the fullest!
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Product groups

Tempered glasses

Tempered glass is one of the most important tools in protecting smartphones. Their popularity is increasing day by day as they offer many benefits and advantages. They provide protection against scratches, impacts, stains and dirt, while not negatively affecting the quality of use. It is also a great investment that will pay off when you resell the device in great condition.
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Screen protective films

Protective films are an excellent means of protection against scratches. They protect the surface from accidental damage caused by a sharp object, friction or misuse. Thanks to protective films, we can keep our items in perfect condition for a long time
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Hybrid glasses

Hybrid glasses are becoming increasingly popular in protecting smartphones and mobile devices due to the many advantages they offer over other types of protection. Enjoy long-lasting invisible protection. Scratch resistance of 8H provides effective protection against scratches during everyday use. A special mixture of high-quality adhesives guarantees installation without air bubbles and that the glass will not peel off over time.
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A smartphone case allows you to more effectively protect your device during everyday use.
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camera cover

Camera protection

Camera Cover is a solution that will provide you with reliable protection for the entire set of your smartphone’s cameras.
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car navi

Car Navi Protection

Car screen protection is completely new on the market! A novelty developed by the MyScreen brand. From now on, you can buy professional screen protection for your private car or company car fleet.
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